Whispers & Echoes.


Dates: 13th, 20th & 27th of June.
Number of workshops: 3
Times: Wednesday, 4:30-6:30pm

What is an Installation? What do stories and memories have to do with Identity? What does "Place" mean anyways?

Join Felicity Nicol & Sound Artist Selina Springlett in an exploration of sound, story and what Ashfield means to YOU!

Focus skills: Interview Techniques, Storytelling Methodology, Recording Equipment Proficiency.

Facilitated by Felicity Nicol & Selina Springlett.

Felicity is an award-winning Performance Director and Artistic Director from Sydney, Australia. A graduate of NIDA, she has gone on to work with some of the most prominent artists around the world, including Ontroerend Goed (BEL), Punchdrunk & Gecko Physical Theatre (UK), Illutron (DEN) and Mammalian Diving Reflex (CAN). Felicity holds a particular interest in working with young people, specifically queer young people & young people experiencing mental health issues. This interest has led her to working with Spark Youth Theatre & Australian Theatre for Young People (AUS), Mit Ohnes Alles (GER), The Torontonians (CAN) and Company3 (UK).

Felicity’s mission as an artist is to interrupt people’s assumptions about the world and the people we share it with in order to bring these into question. By focusing on those traditionally left out of mainstream narratives, she attempts to redistribute cultural attention towards those who need it most. Her favourite career highlights include directing at The Sydney Opera House,creating a one-on-one performance for audiences in a moving car, and directing a non-verbal performative memorial via clowning, beer and a slide-show.

Selina Springlett.

I am an early career artist/researcher based in Sydney, Australia, but have spent a number of years living overseas including Austria, Italy, Spain, Morocco, the States and Fiji and have visited many other places and countries in my travels.

I specialise in radio feature and documentary; radio; sound and transmission art; voicing, adr and post audio; academic tutoring, coaching and research; & have a passion for community and environmental creative arts, Oh, and I love sound.

I am currently labouring away at a Creative Practice PhD at Macquarie University, Sydney Australia and fit somewhere into the department of Music, Media, Cultural Studies and Communications.

My current research interests include but are not limited to : Deep Mapping, Sonic Cartography, Terrestriality, Environmental Philosophy, Critical Geography, Eco-criticsm, Hyperobjects, Spatial Humanities, Sound Studies and Acoustic Ecology…to name just a few.