Say Something Do Something

An intergenerational performance for Seniors Festival 2018 about the potential for words, actions and theatre to change the world

Spark Youth Theatre assembled a passionate ensemble of young (12-18) and older (55+) people from the inner west who had plenty to say about themselves, their community and the world. They leaped into action to spiritedly challenge the role theatre has to play in all of this, encouraging audiences to do the same!

Facilitated by Artistic Director Chris Dunstan and local visual DJ Effy Marie Smith over a two-month period, ensemble members were asked to respond to different questions and provocations in whatever way they liked. What’s a headline you’d love to wake up to? Do you have a bucket list? What’s something you’ve dreamed of doing onstage? Is there something we can say or do, right now, to change the world? The group's responses were used to generate text, performance, video, sound and much more that was then woven into a multimedia piece of theatre, creating a snapshot of the inner west through the stories, opinions and ideas of young and older members from the community.

Ensemble: Francesco Buda, Jan Curran, Anthia Hart, Fleur Herscovitch, Vincent Li, Dorothy MacIntyre, Josie, Norina Monden, Hollie Morrison-Salt, Cindy Nguyen, Petra Williams & Markus Wilson

Creative Team
Co-facilitators: Chris Dunstan & Effy Marie Smith
Direction & Text Arrangement: Chris Dunstan
VJ: Effy Marie Smith
Production Manager: Jackson Davis
Production Assistant: Alexander Macdonald
Graphic Design: Robert Bamford
Videographer: Irony Mark Films
Photography: Carly Young

"It was a great program, building bridges of shared understanding and mutual support across generations. It helped to improve communication skills, empathy and community connectedness. Truly a life-changing way towards health, wellbeing and community development." (Fleur, Ensemble member, older)
"[My favourite part of being involved] was smashing sugar glass and hearing and sharing our stories." (Norina, Ensemble member, young)