Claim the Stage and More

A short performance festival by young people with a twist

A hall. A stage. Some chairs. 14 young people. Maybe…

Spark Youth Theatre's short performance festival returned in November 2017 with a twist of lemon and cheeky subversion. A lively celebration of the ensemble’s creativity, the audience were treated to a journey through an immersive and interactive environment.

Facilitated by Artistic Director Chris Dunstan and local theatre maker Carly Young over a 6-week period, participants were exposed to different types of performance and storytelling before developing their own short creative works. This included short plays, interactive and roaming performances, use of multimedia, installations, games and much more. Ultimately, the group came together to help realise each other's ideas in a unique showcase experience for the local community at the Ashfield Town Hall.

Ensemble: Francesco Buda, Sebastian Cutcherwirth, Hao Dang, William Devine, Alexander Hodgson, Vincent Li, Josie, Norina Monden, Essence Nock, Lily-Rose Raposo, Justin Schoonbergen, Zoe Taylor, Darby Thomas & Markus Wilson

Co-facilitators: Chris Dunstan & Carly Young
Production Manager: Jackson Davis
Stage Manager: Caitlyn Wright
Assistant Stage Manager: Theo Tunks
LX & Sound Operator: Alexander Macdonald
Production Assistant: Alan Huynh
Promotional Graphic Design: Robert Bamford
Videography: Irony Mark Films

“The level of creative licence the kids had... just inspirational! I tell people that on Wednesday nights she’s Josie 150%. She's hilarious, animated, energetic (and tiring). I can’t recommend this program enough. The fact that it’s free is a blessing, we couldn’t afford it otherwise. It’s a wonderful opportunity for the kids. Heartfelt thanks.” (Noella, parent)