Political Children

In 2014, the Abbott government committed a small amount of federal funding to an anti-bullying program known as Safe Schools. In 2016, the funding was scrapped, the program was investigated and a political storm brewed.

What sparked this?
Who will this effect?
And won’t somebody please think of the children?! 

‘Political Children’ is a provocative verbatim piece which enjoyed hugely successful seasons at Ashfield Council Chambers in December 2016 and ATYP as part of the Mardi Gras Festival in March 2017. Written and directed by Artistic Director Felicity Nicol in collaboration with the young cast, the play uses Hansard transcripts, newspaper articles and online content to examine debate around the Safe Schools program, exemplifying Spark’s mission to provide young people with a platform and mouthpiece for responding to issues that are most immediate to them.

“A deep exploration into the complex social aspects of sexual and gender diversity... [by] teenagers full of gumption” (Suzy Goes Sees)