Spark Youth Theatre provides meaningful and accessible creative opportunities for young people aged 12-24 in Sydney's inner west. We believe good ideas can come from unlikely places and can affect the world in ways we cannot envisage. For this reason, we encourage all young people to follow their imagination, their curiosity, their SPARK!

Our workshops and programs centre around developing skills in theatre and performance, while empowering young people to be confident, creative and to connect with their community. At the core of our work, we reflect the political, social and cultural issues that are competing for attention in the inner west and beyond. We do this because there is no better way to examine the decisions we make today, than through the eyes of those who have to live with them tomorrow.

The aesthetic of our work shifts depending on what best represents our content. Our work has experimented with verbatim theatre, site-specific spectacle, live intergenerational dubbing and conventional text-based theatre. We believe theatre takes infinite forms, that the relationship to our audience is always key, and that we must understand the changing zeitgeist in which theatre operates in order to remain relevant. No matter what form we take, we strive for a refinement beyond our years, hopefully hinting at what the future may hold.

We wish for our theatre to burn brightly, for as long as it can and to fade into memory when new sparks set our minds alight.